Free Batch Music Splitter

Free Batch Music Splitter

Split, cut, and slice audio files either by number of parts or by duration
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Sharing and distributing large audio files is not always easy or even feasible. Free Batch Music Splitter offers you an open-source, simple, and highly efficient solution to slice a large number of audio files in precise fragments in one single operation. You can split them by duration or by the resulting number of parts. Both the most popular lossless (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, WavPack, etc.) and lossy formats (MP3, AAC, Ogg, etc.) are supported.

Slicing audio automatically can hardly be simpler than this. You are provided with two different splitting methods, both equally accurate and easy to set up. You can tell the program to split a large file into a specific number of smaller parts, or you can opt for choosing a specific length or duration for each part. The former will produce as many fragments identical in length as defined, while the latter will create as many parts as possible of the exact duration specified and the last file with whatever time remains. When using the duration as the slicing criteria, you will be able to create fragments as small as one millisecond.

But the true beauty of this small tool lies in its high level of flexibility, which will allow you to apply different split values to each of the files on the list so that you can perform as many different cutting processes as you require in one single operation. That is what I call “true batch processing”, as opposed to “bulk processing”, which is what most so-called batch tools actually do. You can tell the program to part the first file into X fragments, the second file into Y fragments, the third file in 1-minute parts, the fourth one into Z fragments, the fifth file into 25-second parts, and so on and so forth – all the slicing processes you need in just one go.

This is but a one-function tool, but it is so well designed, and it delivers results so accurate that it is certainly worth considering if splitting audio files is what you normally do. Its flexible settings will save you lots of time, and its precise cutting criteria guarantee accurate results.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports the most popular lossy and lossless formats
  • Allows for individual split values
  • Output filename presets


  • No built-in player for preview
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